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The company's tag line is: "Because your other lips get chapped, too!"

Donald Trump on Wednesday said that women who have abortions should face "some form of punishment," igniting a firestorm of protests from both Democrats and Republicans that prompted him to quickly back away from the comment, NPR reports.

After their long battle to have a child, Virginia couple Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the debate over funding Planned Parenthood saw civilities fly out the window during a Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. The head of Planned Parenthood,…

Many African-American women have experienced the impact of fibroids, which can cause weight gain, painful menstrual cycles, infertility, and other serious health-related issues. According to the…

Phyllis J. Gee M.D.  earned her B.S. in nutrition from Cornell University. She then received her M.D. from Wayne State University School of Medicine and…

Yesterday Alice Randall, a journalist, wrote a story for the New York Times entitled Black Women and Fat.  I’m going to confess- I dismissed this article before  I even read it. I dismissed this article because I’m sick and tired of negatively titled, negatively written, stereotypically written articles about black women.  Yes, even when they’re written by […]

Spotting. Itching. Tenderness. When below-the-belt symptoms crop up, your first impulse is probably to slip into a pair of pajamas and curl up on the couch. Holing away for a night or two is fine, but what if your symptoms last for weeks or even months? We’ve asked experts to decipher some down-there symptoms and […]

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Women are twice as likely to experience depression than men. Learn what symptoms to look for and how to cope.

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