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Taylor is a typical teenager who has a love of music, video games and scary movies. She likes to keep herself entertained. She also is a big fan of science fiction novels and can often be found with her head in a book. Taylor is often shy and reserved, but she is polite to the […]

Josh Joshua likes to think of himself as funny. But others say he’s the quiet, respectful type who’s sweet and responsible.He admits he doesn’t really like school, though he gets average grades and likes recess and playing with his friends.Josh doesn’t currently live with his brother, Dylan, 14, but he’d like a family who would […]

Bree Newsome,  the courageous young women who became an internet sensation over the weekend by scaling the flagpole at the statehouse and removing the confederate flag,  is the daughter of the Dr. CG Newsome, President of the Underground Railroad Freedom Center here in Cincinnati.   https://youtu.be/gr-mt1P94cQ  


  The U.S. Supreme Court not only upheld The Affordable Healthcare Act yeserday in a 6-3 decision, today that same court legalizes same sex marriage, 5-4. Read more here at Newsone.com

  Michael Michael loves superheroes and shares many qualities with them. He is a very intelligent, energetic and charismatic little boy. Like any good super hero, Michael needs a family that can teach him how to direct these qualities into something positive.Michael loves to play outside and is good with electronics. When playing outside, he […]


What is sure to define President Obama’s presidency for years to come-  today the US Supreme Court upholds The Affordable Care act again. Also known as Obamacare, Justic Roberts wrote this: “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them,”   “If at all possible, we must interpret the […]


  We need to know our history. It turns out that State legislator, William Mallory, Sr., passed a law that made it possible for children of fallen police officers and firefighters to receive free college tuition in the state of Ohio. Joe Mallory, his son wrote this: For those who may not be aware, As a […]

Dylan is one of those kids who is so good at math that he does it in his head even when he doesn’t have to. He likes school and gets average grades, except in math, where his grades are very good. He’s thinking about becoming a math teacher. Dylan’s foster mom describes him as quiet, […]


The president of the local Cincinnati branch of the National Action Network, Bishop Bobby Hilton, is calling for an investigation in an incident between Fairfield police and a family at the Fairfield Aquatic Center.   What happened between the police and Krystal Dixon was caught on tape by onlookers, police dash cams and Aquatic Center […]


  The first thing you can’t do because you’re black is be black and according to numerous articles written by numerous people- some people are compiling lists of Things You Can’t Do While Black. Read here on  The Root Read here on Mother Jones Read here on VSB

As soon as I met Yalonda, I realized how beautiful she is inside and out- Yalonda is just a sweet sweet young lady- this bold and smart young lady enjoys learning about the wonderful world of science through experiments and projects. Yalonda loves school and does well in her math and science classes. She works […]

  Giovanni is a handsome young man who greeted me with a huge welcoming smile.  I learned that Giovanni is a helpful and responsible young man who  does well in school and enjoys reading adventure books. He also likes to play outside during his free time and he loves to laugh.  Giovanni enjoys watching football […]