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A woman in California is suing a cosmetics chain for emotional distress because she alleges that she contracted herpes from one of the store’s lipstick samples.  Doctors say that it is possible to contract herpes from lipstick. They also say it is not likely.  Click the link below to read the full story and protect […]

  Food Network host Sunny Anderson is not feeling all of the Weinstein victims coming forward right now. She doesn’t seem to think that it takes bravery to come forward AFTER someone else comes forward.  She believes that not coming forward allows predators to victimize others. She has been dragged on twitter for her opinion. […]

    This Sunday, October 11, 2015 beginning at  9a-5pm (church times vary)  the first annual First Ladies Health Initiative kicks off in Cincinnati at twenty-eight participating churches. The program, sponsored by Walgreens, is designed and hopes to improve the health of residents in urban neighborhoods. Cincinnati is the fourth city to get involved with the First Ladies Health […]

  Men get breast cancer too! Richard Roundtree is a breast cancer survivor. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and according to the American Cancer Society breast cancer will claim the lives of an estimated 6,080 black women in the U.S. in 2013. It is the second most common cancer in black women- surpassed only […]

Women's Health

If this story doesn’t tell you something about these black market butt injections then nothing else will. A women ends up without hands, feet or butt cheeks after receiving these shots!! Source Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and original content! Recent Updates       10 Fun Facts About […]


The Weirdest Sex Laws in the U.S Every once in a while we get the distinct pleasure of hearing about some whacked-out law that’s still on the books in America. We all snicker, wonder how the law got there in the first place, and then go back to ignoring the laws we find inconvenient. According to […]

    Todd Akin, GOP Senate candidate,  and like-minded Republicans are dangerous.  How could a grown man in 2012 actually believe that a pregnancy could not occur during a “legitimate rape”? By the way, a legitimate rape, one in which a woman shuts down her body to prevent pregnancy. Read and hear her comments on TheGrio.com

Women's Health

People. People. People.  Have we come to this? We’re now going to fake, meaning not real, doctors for fake, meaning not real, body parts and in this case booty parts. Read the story on Newsone.com


Yesterday Alice Randall, a journalist, wrote a story for the New York Times entitled Black Women and Fat.  I’m going to confess- I dismissed this article before  I even read it. I dismissed this article because I’m sick and tired of negatively titled, negatively written, stereotypically written articles about black women.  Yes, even when they’re written by […]


The UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine claims that young women would rather look like the breakout ‘Mad Men’ star Christina Hendricks than iconic waif model Kate Moss. “Joan [Harris, Hendricks’ character] has had a huge impact on fashion and on women having the confidence to flaunt their curves,” editor Louise Court told the Radio Times. […]

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For the first time, a vaginal gel has proved possible of blocking the AIDS virus. Learn about this and the other positive benefits for women inside.

Women's Health

If you're rocking weaves, sew-ins and lace fronts this summer, stop for a moment to think about what your man really thinks. You might be surprised ladies at the details inside now.