Russ Parr Morning Show

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Alfredas shares the latest on what JLo had to say about her wedding plans with Ben and the charges filed against Alec Baldwin yesterday.

Williams is on the right and Russ is on the left which leads to some interesting conversation.

Ms. Cathy Hughes joins the Russ Parr Morning Show to explain the significance of the Happy Birthday song and why you should not forget the lyrics of the song.

Will Kevin McCarthy Become House Speaker? Russ and Armstrong Williams Discuss in the "What's Your Point" segment

Nick Cannon opens up about his recent hospital scare, Tina Turner's son Ronnie's death is revealed, and Megan Thee Stallion takes the stand.

Ever since news broke that WNBA star Britney Griner was finally being released from a Russian prison Thursday morning, but like every topic in today’s society, once again the conversation turns into a political agenda. Russ had to get a few things off his chest regarding the means of the release, the unjust nature of […]

This now means the Dems have the outright majority in the Senate. There will be divided government, however, with Republicans having narrowly flipped House control.

The latest on Amy Robach & TJ Homes, sitcom actress passes away at 71 & the details around Jay Z's plan to bring casino to New York City.

It’s time for another reading of the “Daily Horrorscope,” where Georgia Alfredas keeps it real by telling every astrological sign the harsh truth about themselves for today’s date of November 18th, 2022.