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Yesterday Alice Randall, a journalist, wrote a story for the New York Times entitled Black Women and Fat.  I’m going to confess- I dismissed this article before  I even read it. I dismissed this article because I’m sick and tired of negatively titled, negatively written, stereotypically written articles about black women.  Yes, even when they’re written by black women.  I knew from the title that what is passing for journalism is just an attempt for page views on NYT’s website. Apparently this story was one of the top emailed stories from their website yesterday. 

The articles says that black women are fat because we want to be.  Interesting, since I read a story on MSN yesterday that reported 1 in 3 Americans are obese. Today, there is a report that says by 2030 more than half of the country will be obese. Where is the headline in the NYT’s about that? Another article goes even further suggesting that our environment, food, culture and other factors contribute to the obesity problem in America. 

What I’m not dismissing are the startling statistics regarding African-American health issues.  We know about heart disease, diabetes, high blook pressure- how do we fix it?  Ask yourself this question- why do we have A Center For Closing The Health Gap?

If you must,  read the article Black and Fat Women,  but if you want a different view of obesity in our country read this:

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