If your man is holding off on marriage it may not be because he doesn’t want to marry you. It may be because he wants your marriage to last.  Researchers at Emory University Surveyed over 3000 Currently or previously married people. They found that dating one or two years significantly dropped the likelihood of divorce […]

A woman in California is suing a cosmetics chain for emotional distress because she alleges that she contracted herpes from one of the store’s lipstick samples.  Doctors say that it is possible to contract herpes from lipstick. They also say it is not likely.  Click the link below to read the full story and protect […]

Scientists are trying to develop an injection that will make you crave and eat less junk food and help you lose weight and reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Sounds too good to be true but it may not be. They have found a protein, called GDF15, that naturally regulates the body weight […]

A restaurant in California has been caught serving Popeyes chicken in their restaurant.  It was just a suspicion until the owner of the restaurant admitted that she serves Popeyes chicken as in ingredient in her restaurant. She has been serving the spicy chicken strips with her $13 plate of chicken and waffles.  The owner says […]

  Food Network host Sunny Anderson is not feeling all of the Weinstein victims coming forward right now. She doesn’t seem to think that it takes bravery to come forward AFTER someone else comes forward.  She believes that not coming forward allows predators to victimize others. She has been dragged on twitter for her opinion. […]

A young boy swallowed one of those party honkers. His parents couldn’t get the toy out of his throat and with every breath he took he ‘honked’ so they took him to the emergency room. The doctors had to surgically remove the honker from the boy. He is recovering just fine but there is a […]