An Oklahoma woman claims she was playing a slot machine and hit the jackpot but the casino won’t pay her. Maribel Sanchez says she put money in the machine and the machine told her that she won 8.5 million dollars.  She has pictures showing that she won.  There seems to be no question that the […]

Two University of Connecticut students were arrested for saying racial slurs.  They claim they weren’t saying them to anyone when they were recorded saying the offensive words. Two white students were allegedly “playing a game” when they were captured on video by a black person shouting the racial slurs.  Their arrests are prompting lawmakers to […]

Former World Champion boxer and Cincinnati native, Adrien Broner, was arrested Friday evening outside the weigh-in for the much anticipated Wilder/Fury rematch. Broner was banned from the MGM back in November for reasons unknown.  When he showed up for the weigh-in he was asked to leave. After refusing to leave, Broner was reportedly detained by […]

A man in Texas was on his way to a beer garden when he hit a pedestrian. Paul Garcia allegedly hit the pedestrian and kept driving with the dead man in the car until he arrived at his destination. Garcia made his way to the beer garden and walked in with no shoes on.  He […]

A Kansas fire chief removed a boa constrictor that was at least 6 feet long after a man found it in his couch cushions, KWCH reports.  Police received an unusual call Monday morning when a Rose Hill, Kansas, man said he found a “giant brown snake” in his living room couch while looking for his keys. […]

Beth Shelburne, a reporter, and producer for WBRC-TV News in Birmingham, Alabama, has recently shed light on the story of a man who has spent the last 38 years of his life in prison for stealing $9. Willie Simmons was convicted of first-degree robbery and sentenced to life without parole in 1982. Simmons, an Army veteran, became […]

A Michigan woman says a passenger assaulted her as she slept on a Spirit Airlines morning flight from Atlanta to Detroit. Detroit student Tia Jackson, 22, told CNN she was in the middle seat Tuesday while her friend was sitting by the window and a man they didn’t know had the aisle seat. During the […]

A 26-year-old man is accused of selling drugs that were mixed with his mother’s ashes. Police in Wisconsin said Austin Schroeder admitted to investigators he cut the drugs using his dead mother’s cremated remains. But he didn’t explain why. Investigators said they received a tip about Schroeder and his girlfriend Kaitlin Geiger, 21, selling drugs […]

Homeless women ordered by a California judge last week to leave a vacant house they illegally occupied in Oakland for two months. The women were evicted before dawn Tuesday by sheriff’s deputies in a case that highlighted the state’s severe housing shortage and growing numbers of homeless people. Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, some dressed in […]

The International Olympic Committee, an organization that brings athletes from around the globe together to compete and prove our humanity runs deeper than language and culture, has decided it wants to be smaller than that ideal. It turns out; true understanding is way too messy. The IOC would rather be a brand, a postcard about […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she’s preparing to send the impeachment articles to the Senate next week to start the trial of President Donald Trump. Pelosi’s letter signals the end of the weeks-long standoff between the House and Senate over the articles after the California Democrat delayed sending the two articles of impeachment the House passed last month to the […]

Misty Copeland is calling out the Bolshoi Theatre in Russia for dressing girls up in blackface during ballet performances — a common practice in Russian ballet. Copeland uploaded a photograph to Instagram of the two ballerinas who were gearing up to perform “La Bayadère,” a tragic love story that is set in India, reported CNN. “And this is the reality of […]