Sexy pole dancer

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A man has been sentenced to four years in prison because he likes to watch strippers. Well, he likes to hire prostitutes to strip.  Ok, he likes to hire prostitutes to strip and he likes to send them to his neighbors house to strip on their porch. He likes to watch it and he likes to masturbate while he watches them. His neighbors are a married couple who live across the street from him. They say the women have shown up possibly 75 times since 2003. The prostitutes/strippers expose themselves and kick the door yelling for payment which wakes up the couple’s small children. The man’s name is Douglas Goldsberry and he lives in Nebraska. His legal troubles are not over with his guilty plea to pandering. Authorities also found child pornography on his computer. He has been indicted in federal court for possession of child pornography.  He faces 20 years in prison if he is convicted.

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