The afternoon experience

A Texas school district is being sued by the parents of a student, J.T., who says faculty at a Junior High School colored in the part in their sons’ hair with a black Sharpie.  They say the part in his hair violates the school dress code.  The student was, allegedly, told that he had to […]

A teacher in Jacksonville, Fl. is in hot water after questioning the maturity of his students who choose not to participate in The Pledge of Allegiance.  Daniel Goodman wrote a message on the board for his homeroom students admonishing them and extolling the virtues of the nation that made great strides for racial equity.  He […]

An federal judge in Oregon has to decide whether a man’s rights were violated when police digitally altered his mugshot and showed it to witnesses who picked him out of a lineup.  Tyrone Lamont Allen is accused of a string of credit union robberies in Portland, Ore.  He has a very distinctive look because his […]

Despite what they lead you to believe in the commercials when they tell you to “ask you’re doctor if you’re healthy enough for sex,” you probably won’t have a heart attack from having sex.  In analyzing information from more than 4,500 people who experienced sudden cardiac arrest, less than 1 percent of those occurred during […]

Scientists say that a key to good prostate health may be ejaculating 21 times a month. According to a study from the Boston University of Public Health which looked at how ejaculation frequency affected prostate cancer risk over the course of 18 years, men ages 20 to 29 who ejaculated 21 times or more each […]

A woman in Florida tried to buy $1800 worth of electronics for $3.70 by going through the self-checkout at Walmart. She allegedly changed the price tags on the items for price tags from clearance items. She was arrested and charged with felony grand theft and felony shoplifting. She is free on $3000 bail.

A Tenessee man is under arrest for choking a customer at his restaurant. Donald Crump choked a woman because she complained that her fries were cold. Rinesha Moore ordered food from ‘Crumpy’s Hot Wings’ in Memphis.  She placed the order over the phone.  When she got there 45 minutes later she noticed that her food […]

Do you remember The Jetsons? By 2020 Uber and NASA are working on a way to get you around the same way they did on The Jetsons. According to Reuters, NASA and Uber signed a deal to work on software for a flying taxi service.  They will be working on an entire traffic system for […]

  A Chicago man suffered instant and painful karma when, after robbing a hot dog stand, he accidentally shot himself in the wiener.  The 19-Year-old, Terrion Pouncy, allegedly robbed a hot dog stand in the South Side of Chicago.  The State’s Attorney says that after the employees gave the robber the cash Pouncy attempted to […]

A man has been sentenced to four years in prison because he likes to watch strippers. Well, he likes to hire prostitutes to strip.  Ok, he likes to hire prostitutes to strip and he likes to send them to his neighbors house to strip on their porch. He likes to watch it and he likes […]

A man in England got stuck when he attempted to burglarize a home. After screaming for help for 5 hours police finally rescued the man. They also ridiculed him. Click here for more details

A Canadian man woke up on October 26 to find that someone had left a house on his property. He thought the house was just left overnight but a few days later the house was still there. The man, Parick Maze, went on a search to find the owner posting on his Facebook account “if […]