A¬†shocking video is making news that is reportingly showing two 16-year-olds engaging in sexual conduct during class at a Columbus school. 10 TV reported on Friday that students¬†at South High School recorded the video during class and was later posted on Facebook and Twitter. As many of us know, it doesn’t take long for things […]

One of today’s hot topics revolves around the recent controversy with Clarence Thomas’ failure to report his wife’s income this year, but many are questioning whether or not he’s sold out in his actions. Thomas’ failure to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of income has now caused his reputation to end of up on […]

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson is facing some heat this week as authorities confirm their discovery of six additional pounds of marijuana inside Simpson’s Kentucky home. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson. (Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) The investigation on the oddball delivery began when suspicious packages containing a substantial amount of marijuana were found […]

Four people were charged overnight in Oklahoma City for creating a devastating and brutal scene involving a kidnapped teen and a scathing remark tattooed to his forehead. Three of the defendants involved in the scandal pleaded guilty early this week to assault and battery in the reported attack on 18-year-old Stetson Johnson this past April. […]

Terrelle Pryor’s budding athletic career at Ohio State University has seemingly come to an abrupt end. The star quarterback has reportedly decided to not play during his senior year – an announcement that comes in the middle of the ongoing scandal that’s shaken sports fans for weeks. The statement came from his attorney late Tuesday […]

Courtesy of OSU and the NCAA have opened investigations into OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor on the issue of receiving ‘extra benefits’ like vehicles. (see left photo) Traffic tickets are evidence that Pryor was pulled over multiple times in the past few years, driving vehicles that were dealerships property. Pryor’s future on the team depending […]

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Bortz is facing allegations (both anonymous and directly from outside sources) concerning his use of racial slurs and derogatory comments toward a city sanitation worker. As of today, no charges have been filed, but keep listening to today’s edition of The Lincoln Ware Show for the latest commentary from Lincoln Ware, […]

Technique and private phone calls stood in the way of avoiding last year's plane crash over the Hudson River. Find out more on the reports today.

Second House Democrat and Rep. Maxine Waters could reportedly face an ethics trial this fall as complications regarding the election outlook arise. Details inside now.

The investigation has begun after a shooting leaves one man dead in an SUV in the North Fairmount area on Monday evening just outside the Fay Apartments. Full report available now.

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been officially charged with possession of a controlled substance after being arrested in Alabama. Check out the story inside now.

Three months of close investigations and reported criminal activity have led local authorities in the Colerain Township area towards a raid the Ohio Trade Company, located at 8325 Colerain Avenue. Police raided the business and have collected thousands of stolen items and electronic merchandise ranging from DVD players, laptops, motorcycles, guitars and power tools. Police […]