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Yesterday, we caught wind of a story that’s seemingly impacting the career of one of our own.

Second House Democrat and Rep. Maxine Waters is reportedly headed to court, but not for the reasons one might suspect. People who’ve been following the recent investigation might know what’s happening, but for those of you who haven’t been up to par on your political updates, here’s the scoop.

There have been complications concerning the election outlook for the Democratic party as it struggles to retain a majority status. Individuals who were not authorized to speak publicly about the charges and allegations have apparently opened their mouths a bit too soon. Is Waters one of those people? Could be.

She’s been under investigation for a possible conflict of interest involving a bank seeking federal aid. In the middle of that controversy, it was revealed that her husband owned stock in that same bank and had previously served on its board, but she’s not the only one in deep water. For more on the story, visit BlackAmericaWeb.com today to find out who else might go to trial and what allegations they are facing.

What do you think will happen? Should a trial even take place? What will be the outcome in your eyes? Be the first to chime in on the situation by posting your comments below.

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