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Just over one year ago, if you recall, a single-engine plan collided with a sightseeing helicopter near Hoboken, New Jersey killing all nine of its passengers. The collision of coursed caused a major investigation which led to the National Transportation Safety Board’s recent findings.

Reportedly, a personal phone call by an air traffic controller was likely one of the primary contributions to the cause of the midair collision over the Hudson River. Statements have been released this week from the NTSB who claim the air traffic controller was distracted from his duties.

Responsible for the timely transfer of communications, the air traffic controller could have corrected the airplane pilot’s incorrect feedback and data responses from the EWR tower frequency in Newark. What’s also startling is the fact that personal calls ofthis nature have in the past been acceptable as the on-duty personal conversation is reportedly not the first.

Read more on who’s at fault in the rest of the story currently available at Seeing as thought nine people are dead and over a year later they’re still investigating the situation, what security and safety measure should be taken for future air traffic controllers? Post your thoughts on the situation in the comments section below.

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