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A shocking video is making news that is reportingly showing two 16-year-olds engaging in sexual conduct during class at a Columbus school.

10 TV reported on Friday that students at South High School recorded the video during class and was later posted on Facebook and Twitter. As many of us know, it doesn’t take long for things to escalate on social media and within minutes the video was being shared thousands of times.

A criminal investigation is under way and already students involved with the video have been suspended. Parents tell the media that they are appalled that such conduct can happen in a classroom with adult supervision.

“I’m in shock. I’m really in shock that this goes on in a classroom, in a school,” said Vernetta King, the guardian of a South High student.

“I’m concerned about the teacher, first of all, and his or her responsibility to the students in the class,” she said. “Why would they even allow such a thing? I’m concerned about the other students who thought this was funny. It’s not funny.”

As far as the criminal investigation, as reported in the video above, public indecency act is what Columbus Police may be leaning towards to charging those involved.

The school representative refuse to comment but did say that once they caught wind of the video they called the Columbus Police and Child Services.


Columbus Police Investigate Video Of Students In Sexual Act In Class  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com