Yesterday on SisterSpeak we spoke with Victoria Morgan who is the founder of She’s Healed, Inc.  an organization focused on helping victims of domestic violence.  Domestic violence has taken center stage with NFL player Ray Rice’s suspension from the Ravens due to the TMZ video of his assault on then fiancee’ Janay Rice. Below is the […]

Affirmation For Today: I Deserve To Feel Good An affirmation is a great way to start training your mind toward a positive way of thinking. …

When you hear the name Dwight Tillery, the first thing that may come to your mind is his term as Cincinnati Mayor during the nineties. You’re probably familiar with his work at the Center for Closing the Health Gap. Want to know more on Dwight Tillery? Leave that to the sisters of “Sister Speak”. In […]

Lily Ledbetter worked for a tire manufacturing company in Gadsen Alabama for 19 years. One day, at her workplace, she found out she was being paid 40% less than her male counterparts. She fought a nine year battle, with her argument going to the supreme court. The supreme court ruled in favor of her company, […]

Mother’s Day is hard for me. I miss my mom and long for that one last conversation.  I didn’t have a chance to tell her that I loved her and was proud of the amazing things she did as a mother- one last time.  I didn’t get the chance to say that I admired her for her courage […]

Our mothers said them to us and we’ve said them to our children.  It’s weird when you hear your mother’s words coming out of your mouth.  Check out this list of  the top 10 things moms say to their kids: 10. Money doesn’t grow on trees 9.    If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you […]

The President is singing again and this time it’s a  You Tube user who dubs the president’s voice singing  “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”  With all due respect to The First Lady, Michelle Obama, I will not comment on the president’s sexiness but see for your self. Click here

Have you heard about the novel ” The Hunger Games’? The book turned into a novel made $155 million dollars in it’s first week end release.  Wait. For. It. The Hunger Games is a young adult novel written by Suzanne Collins.  It is written in the voice sixteen-year-old Katniss Evergreen  who lives in a post- apocalyptic  world in the country […]

  While it took some time for the nation to collectively respond to the Trayvon Martin murder, when it happened the response was inspiring. From Churches in the Hood to Facebook, people are expressing their  outrage and sadness over his murder. I ‘ve read tweets, Facebook  posts, op-ed opinion pieces and more but the best commentary that […]

Geraldo Rivera claims that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as responsible for his death as George Zimmerman. In fact, he’s  urging the parents of young black and hispanic youngsters to keep them out of hoodies. In response to his comments, people are wondering how we’re going to keep Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Bieber safe. Read more Take our poll: