About Emmanuel Livingston

Emmanuel was born on in Cincinnati, OH. Growing up a PK (preachers kid) kept him in the church. During this time he developed a great love for singing and other things creative. After graduating from high school he went to a few different colleges. Although Emmanuel didn’t mind working hard, he desired to express himself creatively. He went back to school for audio and video production. After graduating, he was hired by Radio One in Cincinnati as a producer, working on some of the most popular talk shows on Soul and worked himself into the position of Assistant Program Director.

Ohio Attorney General David Yost plans to add all drivers license pictures to the states facial recognition system. Last year the plan was put on hold because of concerns over programs like this but Yost appointed a task force to look into the program. The task force has made a number of recommendations and adding […]


An Oklahoma woman claims she was playing a slot machine and hit the jackpot but the casino won’t pay her. Maribel Sanchez says she put money in the machine and the machine told her that she won 8.5 million dollars.  She has pictures showing that she won.  There seems to be no question that the […]


Two University of Connecticut students were arrested for saying racial slurs.  They claim they weren’t saying them to anyone when they were recorded saying the offensive words. Two white students were allegedly “playing a game” when they were captured on video by a black person shouting the racial slurs.  Their arrests are prompting lawmakers to […]

Former World Champion boxer and Cincinnati native, Adrien Broner, was arrested Friday evening outside the weigh-in for the much anticipated Wilder/Fury rematch. Broner was banned from the MGM back in November for reasons unknown.  When he showed up for the weigh-in he was asked to leave. After refusing to leave, Broner was reportedly detained by […]

NBC news has projected Sen. Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Nevada Democratic Caucuses.  National polls have shown Sanders leading the Democratics attempting to get the nomination of the party. Sanders is polling second being Joe Biden in South Carolina. Click here for more details


A man in Texas was on his way to a beer garden when he hit a pedestrian. Paul Garcia allegedly hit the pedestrian and kept driving with the dead man in the car until he arrived at his destination. Garcia made his way to the beer garden and walked in with no shoes on.  He […]

A Scottish man says he is in extreme pain after an operation gave him a permanent erection. Glazier Scott says he had an injury a couple of years ago due to a groin injury.  He had to have surgery but that left him unable to have an erection. Because of that he had a follow […]

A teacher in a Chicago high school allegedly told a Latino student to “go back to your country” when she didn’t want to stand for the national anthem. During an assembly some students decided that they didn’t want to stand for the national anthem and this upset a teacher.  The students held a sit-in to […]

A man was sentenced to 15 years in prison after a passenger reported what they saw him texting. Michael Kellar, 58, was texting on a flight in 2017 about molesting children.  A passenger noticed what he was texting.  The passenger took a  picture of his phone and text and reported it to authorities. In the […]

  Man sues USPS because he says his freedom of religion gives him the right to have Sundays off but the Postal Service requires him to work Sundays. Gerald Groff is a self proclaimed evangelical Christian and he has filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service. Groff has worked for the USPS for seven years. […]

An entire class of State Troopers has been fired. The entire class of troopers are accused of cheating on an exam.  Not a few but the entire class.  They were all fired. An ex-girlfriend of one of the troopers exposed the entire thing.  She told officials that she took an exam for him.  This caused […]

A mother in Alabama had just given birth to her baby.  She was drug tested and tested positive for opiates. The hospital staff called The Alabama Department of Human Resources who came and took the baby from the new mother.  The only problem was that it was a false-positive. Her doctor says she may have […]