Food Network host Sunny Anderson is not feeling all of the Weinstein victims coming forward right now. She doesn’t seem to think that it takes bravery to come forward AFTER someone else comes forward.  She believes that not coming forward allows predators to victimize others. She has been dragged on twitter for her opinion. […]

Bishop Secular receives a letter from an abuse victim reaching out so their voice can be heard. He shows his support from them by making sure their…


Jason Browning walked in on Raymond Frolander who was allegedly abusing his son and he’s being called a hero for what happened next.  He knocked Raymond Frolander clean out. Browning says the only thing that saved him from killing Frolander was his ll year old son who begged him not to kill him. Since the abuse […]


In the midst of a tumultuous weekend meant for celebration and family-friendly events, a series of late breaking news stories have developed including yet another shooting involving a Cincinnati police officer and an armed suspect. Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig announced in a Saturday afternoon press conference details o the shooting involving Christopher Foster, 23, […]


New York  — Doctors said on Monday that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was making such rapid progress that she could be released from the hospital soon. “It could be a matter of days to weeks,” said her neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Lemole. “The key we’re trying to get her to is to rehabilitation, so she can move […]