Rev. Al Sharpton recently appeared on The Gayle King Show to discuss a variety of current events, hot topics and of course one of the newest political sensations Herman Cain. While on the show, Rev. Al Sharpton examined Cain’s strategy and even revealed where he personally stands on Cain’s campaign and his rise to fame. […]

Many are questioning the state of the world today as disaster and odd incidences take place all over the world. From negative and scandalous headlines to the celebration of death, violence and addiction, there’s a lot to be said about what we hear, see and experience daily in the news. If you’re watching closely, we’d […]


Academy Award nominee and recent Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient Angela Bassett still gets nervous and claims she doesn’t take any of her amazing career for granted. In fact, she’s been so successful that her debut on Broadway wasn’t ever too far from her cinematic endeavors. The world of acting led her straight to a […]

With tons of updates, news headlines and special reports circulating this week about the recent Occupy Wall Street protests, many of us are still wondering to ourselves about what it all means and what impact it will have longterm. Is this really a movement? A phase? Or only a moment in time? CNN correspondent John […]

Noted actress Viola Davis has quickly been catapulted into the forefront of everyone’s minds this summer with her starring role in the hit yet controversial film adaptation of the fiction novel “The Help” by author Sophia Nelson. With lots of talk about an Academy Award nomination for the role and the impact the movie and […]

Anybody who knows TV personality/journalist Gayle King knows she’s the last person you probably would invite to a Hip Hop after party, concert or the club. Not there’s anything wrong, but she just doesn’t seem like a serious club head who’s down to get high off marijuana in that type of setting. Maybe that’s the […]

It’s just after lunchtime today and many of us have already stuffed our mouths and bellies full of delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables…yeah, right! If you didn’t choose the healthier route today for your lunch plans, the day’s not quite over yet so you still have time to redeem yourself. Just don’t barrel through a […]

Can you believe MTV just turned 30 years old this week? Yes, that’s right! August 1st just marked three decades of incredibly innovative, inspiring and sometimes controversial music videos and entertainment and the celebration continues. One of the iconic network’s original VJs (the music video equivalent of a disc jockey) Mark Goodman recently sat down […]


She says she’s happy to be back in New York and happy to be living out her dream so that means the rest of the world ought to be just as happy for Lara Spencer, the producer of “Good Morning America.” Recently announcing her return to the Big Apply, Spencer sat down with Gayle King […]

Can you imagine being asked to prepare a meal just for the new Royal Couple? For chef and kitchen sensation Giada de Laurentiis that thought never crossed her mind until recently when Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they’d be visiting her neck of the woods and wanted a home cooked meal. That’s when the […]


Everyone is up in arms this week as more and more details on the current state of the economy unfold daily. Most recently on The Gayle King Show, Gayle’s special guest Margaret Hoover explained what it all means plus just how the debt ceiling can have a drastic impact on your life in the near future. […]

In a recent interview with Gayle King, Tracy Pollan sat town to describe what it was like to be strong for her husband Michael J. Fox as they both coped with his public battle with Parkinson’s Disease. MORE FROM THE GAYLE KING SHOW: Tamar Braxton Talks Ambition & Solo Career Betty White Discusses Love & […]