Ohio River

(source:wlwt.com) A new study calls the Ohio River the most polluted waterway in the country. The Ohio River Valley sanitation commission says 23 million pounds of chemicals were dumped into the river in 2013, mostly from pesticide runoff. Greater Cincinnati water works officials say special filters keep toxins out of the water supply. ‘We Have […]

One person is recovering from a boat accident on the Ohio River. Cincinnati firefighters say it happened yesterday when the craft with eight people aboard apparently tried to jump a larger boat’s wake near the riverside boat launch ramp. That boat went airborne, throwing some passengers overboard and then took on water. Recent Stories: Local […]

There’s no word when or if a Newport restaurant will reopen after being condemned. City officials shut down Don Pablos indefinitely, after finding a potential safety problem with its outdoor deck. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: City to Move Forward with Parking Operations Lease As The Streetcar Project Begins, Questions Still Rise Suspect […]

A South Carolina man is in the Hamilton County jail, awaiting extradition to face charges in a deadly arson. Joseph Manners was arrested, Sunday, after a chase that ended when his car crashed into the Ohio River. Cincinnati police say Manners was wanted for torching his grandparents home this past weekend, killing the elderly couple. […]

One local mother is killed after a jet ski accident Monday evening on the Ohio River. Details inside.

A partially submerged houseboat has been discovered on the Ohio River. Find out more inside now.

More shocking news unveiled today as the body of a missing boy in the town of Felicity, Ohio is found near the Meldahl Dam.