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More shocking news unveiled today as the body of a missing boy in the town of Felicity, Ohio has been found near the Meldahl dam.

Does this story sound vaguely familiar? If so, it absolutely should. This is the same little boy, Justin DeVercelly who recently turned up missing along with his brother last week after both disappeared to check out the rising waters at a nearby creek. Unfortunately, both bodies have been found indicating they were swept away by the waters of the Bullskin Creek as of last Wednesday. The younger brother, 8-year-old Blake‘s body was found on Thursday downstream from where the boys were last seen.

The original coverage on this sad and priority news topic allowed us to inform readers and the listening audience on 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz last week that the two boys were unsupervised at the time of their vanishing when they together asked their babysitter for permission to visit the creek. As the search comes to an unfortunate end, reports from police claim that this past weekend’s rains might have also carried the body all the way to the Ohio River.

For more on the current findings in this horrible story, feel free to check out the additional reports available on WCPO.com. Last week, when we heard the news, we also put out a notice of the police’s search for the missing boys shortly after they turned up missing.

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The Search Begins for Missing Boys

Parents, family, friends and others, what can we do to stop these types of situations from happening? What ever happened to an entire village raising and more importantly protecting its children? Stories like this just break my heart every single time, but I’d like to know how it affects each of you, too. Post your thoughts in the comments section and let us know how you feel about the reports.

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