Today on “NewsOne Now,” Roland Martin spoke with Shreveport Times reporter, Matt Vines and The Gramblinite’s David Lankster about the financial fall out at Grambling…

Ladies and gentlemen, President Barack Obama is a genius.Yes, it partially has to do with the whole “leader of the free world” thing he’s got going on, but mostly it’s because, in his infinite wisdom, he has selected the same exact Final Four and national champion as I am projecting in this year’s NCAA tournament. […]

The news stories about Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, being the all time winningest coach in NCAA football, has people scratching their heads, especially at Grambling State University. Since the NCAA has removed 14 years of wins at Penn State, former football coach Joe Paterno is now ranked 12th in all-time coaching wins. Eddie Robinson […]

NBA Sanctions are getting thrown around like parking tickets these days but much more harsh. In Light of the Unprecedented sanctions laid down by the NCAA on Penn State yesterday……let’s take a look at the harshest punishment laid down by the NCAA RELATED: Adrien Broner’s Awkward Marriage Proposal [VIDEO] RELATED: Arts Philanthropist Louise Nippert Passes […]

The University of Miami may see its storied football program go up in smoke (for at least a while) after it was determined that a booster gave money, gifts and other sorts of lavish items to players in order to entice them to join the football program. So, it appears that the University of Miami […]

NCAA athletics has become the new prohibition – the illogical construct that creates a destructive underground economy because leadership is being guided by an illusion of what should be, rather than confronting the NCAA for what it really is: a professional sports league. Some of our most highly educated figures within academia are forced to […]

Courtesy of OSU and the NCAA have opened investigations into OSU quarterback Terrelle Pryor on the issue of receiving ‘extra benefits’ like vehicles. (see left photo) Traffic tickets are evidence that Pryor was pulled over multiple times in the past few years, driving vehicles that were dealerships property. Pryor’s future on the team depending […]

I was proud to watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel last week, as Gumbel decided to dig into the issue of college athlete compensation.  Securing the labor rights of college athletes has been a passion of mine for quite some time, and I was excited that 2011 provided a tremendous amount of momentum around the […]

It’s officially time for the Lincoln Ware Show and today, Lincoln chimes in on a few hot topics to get the day started. Listen below as Lincoln Ware introduces Monday morning’s latest headlines including weekend updates on the current NCAA tournament results. Lincoln also gives his opening take on the current international news of America […]

What will you remember about the 2010 NCAA tournament? There's been plenty to choose from.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said last week poor graduation rates among some college basketball programs would improve if the NCAA linked postseason play to the number of student-athletes getting their diplomas.

Do we really have time to gripe about Kelly's departure, when us UC fans need to be more optimistic than ever for our football team that's playing in the Sugar Bowl?