Inspirational You may remember “Soul Vibes” introducing you to Summer just last week. Well, she just released a stunning new video for her single, “Promised (Never Alone)”! This video exudes the warm rays of inspiration that could only come from Summer herself. You can see and hear Summer’s love for Jesus in this visual reminder […]

Trust me. Just listen… Allow me to introduce you to a woman whose voice is as beautiful as her warm smile! Fittingly, her name is Summer. Her first solo album is called “Love Letters” and her lead single, “Promised (Never Alone)”, is available for purchase on all digital platforms. Summer’s music is a luscious blend of contemporary […]

These are extremely trying times we’re living in here in America. Now more than ever, we have to seek the face of God for counsel. In an age where it’s necessary to differentiate the need for proclaiming that #BlackLivesMatter, we have to remember that God is the only judge and jury of men. We cannot […]

In a world that is hell bent on knocking you off of your game and driving you mad, it’s important that we maintain our inner peace and gravitate more and more toward Jesus. This has never proven to be more crucial to me than right now! With the recent shooting in Orlando, the unbelievable rhetoric […]

Have you ever been so discouraged that you didn’t see the point in trying anymore? Ever felt like you’ve been so down and out that you literally didn’t think you could ever see the light at the end of the tunnel? Why should you keep going…why should you keep pressing on? I’ll tell you why! […]

Can I get personal for a minute? I’m not always the most thankful person. I must admit that there are times when I can throw the most pitiful of pity parties for myself. It’s in those times that I have to work EXTRA hard to remain humble, thankful, and praise God for all that He […]

Last May Divorce Court’s Judge Lynn Toler gave one young man a peace of her mind. “We need you,” she emphasized. “You don’t have a right not to take care of your business.”  Her lecture was in response to his comment stating that he would rather go to jail than do probation or get a […]

NBA MVP and league champion Steph Curry is not shy about his faith. He has made it well known that he is a Christian. He even carries scripture on his shoes. While NIKE wasn’t a fan of his sharpie scribbled scripture on their product, Under Armour was quick to embrace; and so, Curry broke his […]

  The End of Malice shares the untold story of hip-hop star and former Clipse member Gene Thornton’s journey from “Malice” to “No Malice.” The End of Malice is a first person narrative of the complications brought on by fame, family, success in the dope game, and the demanding world of mainstream music. In 2002, the […]

The Below List is the 2016 PASTORS THAT WILL BE HONORED AT OUR PRAYER BREAKFAST ON MARCH 19TH thank you all for participating.  Victorious Life of Faith – Pastor Victor Furr Grace United Methodist Church – Pastor Robert Earl Slade New Hope Church of God Waldorf – Dr. Aaron Jones Whole Life Ministries International – […]

On the first episode of Amazing Love w/ JJ & Trina Hairston, our favorite Gospel couple talks about what Amazing Love means to them and…