A court in China wants to make sure that couples seeking a divorce are truly ready to end their marriage. The court has set up an exam that helps determine if a marriage is past the point of no return. A husband and wife must fail the test in order for the court to approve […]

China placed Beijing on a mandatory red alert, closing schools and minimizing construction due to extreme smog affecting the air quality in the large capital.

NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the stories trending on that you are talking about. Today’s list includes: Here’s President Obama Singing ‘Amazing…

With Thursday’s surprise tentative agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Obama appears to be on track to build a diplomatic legacy to match pledges…

Officials in Nairobi, Kenya have closed a Chinese restaurant that reportedly banned African patrons after 5 p.m., reports the Daily Nation. The restaurant, named Chinese…

A 12-year-old girl has given birth to a baby that was allegedly fathered by a 74-year-old.  The pensioner from a neighboring village in Qiyang, Hunan province, China has been arrested by police for the crime after DNA evidence reportedly revealed he was the father of the baby girl.  But the child has denied she was […]

If you thought it was hard to dodge calls from your overbearing parents, imagine living in China. On Monday, the country issued anew law that forces children to visit and check up on their elderly parents (above the age of 60) or risk being sued or face penalties. The new legislation does not specify how often […]

President Obama‘s campaign is targeting China’s impact on the American automotive industry. In his speech to supporters in Eden Park, yesterday, he announced a challenge, with the World Trade Organization, against what he says are “unfair Chinese subsidies” that are costing US jobs. The announcement followed a recent poll that showed voters prefer Mitt Romney […]

Three years old and thinking about his getaway.  This young Chinese boy braved rush-hour traffic to try find his mom but the only problem was he tried to do it by driving a toy motorcycle through rush-hour traffic. Can you imagine his three-year-old mind:” I’ll wait until grandpa is out of sight and then I’ll take […]

HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama prodded the skeptical leaders of Russia and China for support in reining back Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but without winning public endorsement from either man. See also: Republican Debate: Candidates Call For Military Strikes On Iran, Return Of Waterboarding See also: Nelson George’s Beijing Neither Russian President Dmitry Medvedev nor […]

A Chinese toddler hospitalized after she was hit by a van, run over by another and ignored by passers-by died early Friday. Surveillance video, which went viral earlier tis week, shows 2-year-old Wang Yue being struck and ignored by nearly two dozen people as she lay in the middle of street. The shocking video went viral […]