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Looking for a new solution to release tension stiffness in your neck and shoulder?  Try this neck and shoulder release with a strap.

  1. Hold a strap in your left hand and lift your elbow, dropping your hand and the strap behind your back. Reach back with your right hand, gripping the free end of the strap from below. Keep your spine tall and breath deeply, inching your hands along the strap and closer together.
  2. Relax into the pose for 30 to 60 seconds, trying to decrease the length of the strap between your hands with each exhale. When you are ready, gently release the strap and unfold your legs. Repeat, alternating your arm and leg positions. With time, you should be able to clasp your fingers without help from the strap.

Here’s a taste of this week’s Yoga Flava TV Snack, “Shoulder Release With Strap”, and check in weekly for new episodes on Elev8:

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