Grammy Award-winning country music duo Sugarland members Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles. Just a few days after the tragic stage collapse that took place moments before their live performance at this past weekend’s Indiana State Fair, country duo and popular entertainers Sugarland have released a statement and formal letter for the thousands of fans, the […]

In what was the most unsuspecting tragedy of the summer live at a special event, the Indiana State Fairgrounds stage collapse has left a number of families without their loved ones today. With five already confirmed dead as a result of the horrific experience, today’s memorial services in various parts of Indianapolis are scheduled to […]

With updates on the week’s most shocking and most discussed local news story still unfolding, many of the city’s residents and public officials are beginning to speak out more and more about the tragic incident that left 18-year-old North College Hill High School graduate Everett Howard dead just weeks before he moved onto college. Everett […]

It’s hard to believe that our beloved Lisa Nicole Lopes, better known simply as “Left Eye” and one-third of the four-time Grammy-winning R&B trio TLC, has been gone from us for nearly a decade. Born May 27, 1971, Left Eye appeared to have been a star from day one. Rapping, singing, dancing, and writing her […]

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s often difficult for any mother to really enjoy the day especially when a child she brought into the world is no longer physically present. The tragic and heartbreaking story of the death of a young man like Chris Henry reminds of us just how easy it is […]

Tragedy and social media collide as reports of a mother’s last call for redemption leaves members of her young family dead this week. 25-year-old LaShanda Armstrong reportedly drove her minivan filled with her four small children into the Hudson River earlier this week after posting a rather alarming farewell on her Facebook page. In what […]

With the suffering coming from our brothers and sisters in Haiti you are left wondering how to deal with it.