Hammer thrower, Gwen Berry, wasn’t trying to be a political spark plug when she raised her fist during the playing of the national anthem at the Pan Am Games in Peru. Yes, the moment invoked the memory of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. Yes, it was a shot at the […]


Newly released audio of an interview with Howard Stern, reveals that Donald Trump once pitched a “whites against blacks” season of his hit reality show The Apprentice. According to the New York Times, the audio resurfaced over the weekend and illustrates that even though the then real estate mogul thought his idea was great, NBC executives with a […]


CINCINNATI — Concern is growing about the health and welfare of former Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter. She was jailed Monday to begin serving a six-month sentence after years of appeals and court battles to proclaim her innocence. According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Hunter said she was injured Monday while being physically removed […]

Tom Joyner Morning Show

I’ve never voted for a Republican a single day in my life, but as an American, I found what the Republican Party pulled last week to be deeply embarrassing. For the past 8 years they based their entire identity on opposing and repealing and replacing Obamacare. They held over 60 different nearly unanimous votes over […]

3/8/17- Roland Martin talks to Congressman Danny Davis (IL) and GK Butterfield (NC) about the new Republican healthcare bill that will undoubtedly effect all Americans. “This is their approach to make sure America isn’t taken care of. We now have no choice but to fight it. Maybe they will realize that it’s not the approach or […]

Tom Perez, the former Secretary of Labor, hugged his supporters after being elected as the new Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Now the hard part begins. Perez takes over a Democratic Party in turmoil and he is facing many challenges in the months ahead. Democrats are still reeling from an embarrassing loss after President […]


A democratic led proposal to have front license plates to be drop as a requirement has failed to make it out of a state House committee. According to 10TV, the proposal was not approved on Thursday by the House Finance Subcommittee on Transportation. The proposal was led by Democrat state Rep. Alicia Reece for she cited increase […]

Tom Joyner Morning Show

This weekend, in a slew of truly bizarre interviews, the nation got a new level of confirmation that Stephen Bannon is not the only Steve pulling the strings in the White House. Stephen Miller, a 31 year old Duke graduate who somehow found a way to be an outspoken critic of Maya Angelou while in […]

1/17/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Studios with award-winning author Sophia Nelson to talk about the division of the country since President Elect Donald Trump and her new book ePluribus One. “I started writing it about a year and half before the election started. We need to relax and calm down. The Republic will not […]


Attorney General of California Kamala Harris, who became the second Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate, and former Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown are among leaders scheduled to serve in Congress in 2017.


Carl Conyers Jr., the son of Michigan Rep. John Conyers, was found safe in Houston, Texas, Friday morning after going missing on Tuesday.