Welp it looks like President Trump was right about one thing, illegal voters have been discovered in Ohio.  Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted found out through an investigation that not only were 385 people illegally registered to vote and 82 of them actually voted at least one time.  Obviously not enough to prove that […]

If you were like me, you had to take handwriting classes, which taught you how to write legibly and in cursive. If so, it may surprise you that many teachers are not teaching this important skill as much as they use to in the past. Now, some state lawmakers want to bring back handwriting classes […]

” You got the Best Mommy in the whole Wide World”, “You can see the TV from right there…you be alright” These are just some of the things 18 year old Shayla Rudolph said to her son that she taped to a wall so she could clean and cook.The whole debacle was broadcast on Facebook […]

Ohio has long been considered a haven for some of the world’s best funk musicians, and now an upcoming venue will be erected in the city of Dayton to honor pioneers of the genre. This March, the city will welcome the opening of the Funk Music Hall Of Fame and Exhibit Center, an effort that […]

Good news if you make minimum wage and live in Ohio you’re getting a raise!  Not so great news…. it’s only five cent.  Yea you read right Ohio minimum wage is going up by five cent and that adds up to an extra two dollars on a forty hour work week. Sign Up For Our […]

    According to ABC News former NASA astronaut and Ohio Senator John Glenn has passed away at the age of 95 in his home state of Ohio after being treated at the James Cancer Hospital on the campus of The Ohio State University.  Glenn served as senator of the Ohio for four terms but […]

A day after a brazen knife attack left several students injured, fear of retaliation grips Ohio State University's minority students.

Roland Martin visited the battleground state of Ohio this past weekend and spoke with a number of Ohioans prior to Election Day.

During a campaign rally in Ohio, when asked how he felt about being labeled a sexist and racist, Donald Trump cut the interview short. He did the same thing the day before.

  On Monday September 26th protest erupted all over Columbus and took to the streets, city hall and the student union of The Ohio State University.  Locals are upset over the the killing of Tyre King and Henry Green that were both gunned down by Columbus Police after encounters. Comments poured in as the video […]

U.S. Supreme Court refused to intervene in a request by Ohio Democrats to restore an extra week of early voting.

9/14/16- Roland Martin talks to head of Ohio Black Caucus and Grambling State University alumni, Alicia Reece, about the importance of getting Golden Week in Ohio restored. “Golden week is the week you can register and vote down at the board of elections. prior to 2008 Republicans were okay with creating Golden Week, but it […]