OgilvyOne Athens has designed a Tweeting Bra–a bra that is laced in social media (pun intended) that tweets each time it is unclasped as part…

Roland Martin talks with Dr. Janna Andrews and singer Kelly Price about breast cancer’s impact on Black women. White women are more likely to get a…

While we may still be trying to find a cure for breast cancer, there are some delicious ways to help you fight against it. Check them out here. LIKE HelloBeautiful On Facebook!

We all know Robin Roberts is a breast cancer survivor, and now she surprises everyone by sharing with viewers that she is battling a rare blood disorder called –myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS. Today she wrapped up GMA with the tearful announcement. Robin explained that she will be wearing an IV in her arm for the rest of […]

Yesterday I attended a sister circle of love to support a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Dozens of women attended- some I knew and some I didn’t but we all shared a friendship or relationship with our friend.  Our friend’s nickname is “Tator”, as in dictator.  She’s a strong woman who doesn’t […]

CHARLESTON, S.C.–A Charleston man is fighting a battle most men never imagine that they might endure. Raymond Johnson, 26, was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago, after pain from a lump in his chest sent him to the emergency room. Though Johnson has a job laying tile, he does not make enough to […]

PHILADELPHIA — Two mothers filed a free-speech lawsuit Monday against a Pennsylvania school district that suspended their daughters for wearing the popular “I (heart) boobies!” bracelets.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, daytime host Tyra Banks is featuring a webseries by filmmaker Dominga Martin, which chronicles the story of how she fought (and beat) breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and according to BlackDoctor.org “African-American females experience higher death rates from breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group.” This is partially due to African-American women tending to have more aggressive tumors. The fact is not meant to scare you, but it is meant as a wake up […]

Men, women and children of all ages gathered this week to support one another in their daily struggles with fighting cancer. Check out footage from the Cancer Survivors Day Gala inside now.

As you get older, you’re probably more and more concerned about what you need to do to preserve the health of your breasts, and avoid cancer. The good news is that while some risk factors for breast cancer, such as the age you started menstruating, can’t be changed, other lifestyle habits can help keep cancer […]

Emmy-winning actress Rue McClanahan of the hit television series "The Golden Girls" dies at 76. Details inside now as the worlds of entertainment and television mourn the loss of our good friend.