Trayvon Martin

NewsOne is reporting that the FBI is actively pursuing a hate crime charge against George Zimmerman.  Are you surprised? When you look at what we know (public) or think we know, young Trayvon Martin was targeted, profiled and then shot and killed because he was black. Read the entire NewsOne story here:


ABC News just released George Zimmerman photos from the night Trayvon Martin was killed. Warning: This photo is graphic

Do you agree with Bill Cosby that calling George Zimmerman a racist doesn’t solve anything.  Mr. Cosby says that the focus should be on guns and not race. Take our poll and read  The Grio story here

Southern Baptis Convention Leader Richard Land said in an interview that black men are more statistically likely to do you harm than a white man. If you read this article and don’t understand that apathy is no longer an option, I wonder how many more Trayvon Martin’s will have to die before we get it. […]


It may have already been removed because I couldn’t find it but The Grio and the Daily Caller is reporting that George Zimmerman’s Myspace page name was “datniggytb”. Read the entire story here on The Grio.

Sabrina Fulton’s comment on the Today Show yesterday morning  characterizing her son’s death as an accident quickly came under fire by the  media and supporters. Ms. Fulton later “clarified” the comment and retracted her original statement. In my opinion now that George Zimmerman has been charged, Trayvon’s parents, should take a break from live interviews. Tell us […]

Sabrina Fulton said in a Today Show interview on Thursday that she thinks  the shooting death of her son was an “accident.”  Further, she explained,  if George Zimmerman is really sorry he should apologize. Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s new attorney is drumming up sympathy for his new client by reporting his client is worried about getting a fair […]

Florida Special prosecutor, Angela Corey, announced today at 6pm that George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder and that he turned himself in and was in police custody. Forty-five days ago when the announcement came that there would be no charges filed and George Zimmerman went into hiding it’s hard to believe that charges […]


A Michigan middle school student was fired for allegedly helping students organize a fund-raiser for the family of Trayvon Martin.  Brooke Harris was dismissed for her role in the “wear a hoodie to school day” although she said she did nothing wrong. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, in Montgomery, Alabama have […]