Thursday’s Child

  This week’s Thursday’s child is Will. William is an adorable and intelligent young man who loves listening to country music and watching movies. He likes to sing and color pictures to give to others. William even has a special trick; he can make his eyes shake. He can’t explain how he makes his pupils […]

James is this week’s Thursday’s child. This energetic and happy young man loves to take hundreds of small pieces and try to fit them together. James enjoys completing puzzles and they are his favorite thing to do when he has free time or is off of school. Because of his great problem solving abilities, it […]

Tyrese is a fan of oldies music,  especially Michael Jackson and he’s this week’s Thursday’s child.  Put on some 80’s music and he will listen to it all day and even add his own moves to the songs. Tyrese loves cartoons, especially Shrek, Disney movies, and anything on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. He enjoys playing […]

  This week’s Thursday’s Child is Darricka…Before I met her I heard that she was very much into fashion but as we walked and talked one Saturday morning at the Cincinnati Art Museum…I found out that she was definitely thinking about a career in law.  Darricka is a talented athlete and while basketball is her […]

This week’s Thursday’s child is Gabe. Gabe and I spent time at the Cincinnati Art Museum getting to know each other and I found out that he does really well in school and like most of our children- Gabe is looking for his forever home.   Most kids, at 11, say they want to grow up […]

This week’s Thursday’s child is Macario. Macario started telling me jokes and riddles as soon as we met- with a big ‘ol smile; Macario had me laughing. Everyone describes him as a “bundle of energy.” He loves being outside or inside, just as long as he gets to play and have fun. His favorite outdoor […]

  Each Thursday we present a young person who is part of the foster care system and is looking for a permanent home.  We’ve  highlighted several children who would love to be adopted by the family or single person who could love them.  Adoption equals possibilities and we want their hopes and dreams to become […]

“Thursday’s Child has far to go” Meet Raja: I had a long conversation about Raja and her goals in life.   Raja is one of those 2,500 children looking for her forever home. Like most girls her age, Raja likes to head to the mall for a little fun. She is in her teens, so once […]

      “Thursday’s Child has far to go” This week’s Thursday’s Child is John.   When I met John he was funny, sweet and outgoing- We talked about school and sports and yes even girls. John plays football, basketball and enjoys roller skating in his free time. He likes racing cars and playing board games.John […]

Laid back is really the best way to describe this teen. Meet Jaquan – we spent our time together talking and throwing rocks to see who could make the best wave and ripple in the water. Jaquan is a smart young man who gets good grades in school and particularly likes reading. If he were […]

  “Thursday’s Child has far to go”  Meet Miss Darlene: Darlene has the most infectious smile and was eager to talk about her career plans. I think she’d be a great celebrity stylist- she dreams of being a hairstylist and make up artist- but for now, she wants a forever family. Is that you and […]

Thursday’s child has far to go– and this week’s Thursday’s Child is Keira.  Keira was born in 2002 and says she’d like to be adopted by parents who like to take trips and play games. I spent time with Keira and she shared her scrap book and poetry with me. Talented, this energetic  girl says […]