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Tyrese is a fan of oldies music,  especially Michael Jackson and he’s this week’s Thursday’s child.  Put on some 80’s music and he will listen to it all day and even add his own moves to the songs. Tyrese loves cartoons, especially Shrek, Disney movies, and anything on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. He enjoys playing sports and his favorite outdoor activity is dodge ball. This active young man also likes action-packed video games or board games.

Tyrese is very responsible and great at helping out around the house. Although he is very busy with many activities, he still finds time to help sweep the floor, take out the trash and clean his room. Tyrese loves to go to Kings Island, the mall or swimming. After a busy day of activities, he enjoys sitting down and eating a hamburger, french fries and a chocolate shake. Tyrese’s dream vacation would be to go to the beaches of Hawaii.

Tyrese would love a mom and a dad, as well as brothers and sisters. He would also enjoy having a pet. Tyrese would do well in a family that likes to stay busy and can provide him with lots of attention and love. For more information log on to the buzzcincy.com or hckids.org or call 632-6366.

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