What is holding you back?

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VIA: ELEV8.com

What is holding you back? Excuses? Something is preventing you from making the next step or it would be easy. When we are confronted with the reality of why we are not moving forward with our goals, we can quickly identify reasons why we are falling short. We convince ourselves that these excuses are justified and therefore unable to be conquered. One of the best ways to get ahead is to take stock on what is preventing you from taking the steps towards reaching your goals.

There are many excuses that can and will try to prevent us from making our next move. The reasons are different for everyone since I knew I was doing this article I asked several people what holds them back from being successful.

Here are a few of their responses:

1.  Procrastination: the inability to take action

2.  Fear: of success or failure

3.  Ignorance: when you lack the proper tools or know how to do it.

4.  Money: do not have to money to achieve the goal

5.  People: do not know the people that can help you achieve your goal.

The list that I shared is not meant to be an exhaustive list of what prevents us from moving forward, but I wanted you to get a glimpse of what real people are saying is holding them back from achieving their goals.

The reality is that we are more alike than different. We all have something that we are struggling with we just do not want the other person to know. The purpose of this article is to remove the barriers that hold us back by exposing them and giving a few tips to overcome these obstacles and use them to our advantage. I will use examples from the list above and show you how to use these barriers as stepping stones.