Comedian, actor, writer, and producer Tony Rock came into the “Get Up!” studio to visit Erica Campbell and GRIFF. He tells a funny story about going to the premiere of the movie “Hitch,” with his whole family, only to find out his scenes got cut. He also shares his powerful testimony, saying “I’m walking, talking […]

Princeton Parker and Winton Harvey explain how the Disney Dreamers Academy has helped them on the path to realize and achieve their dreams. They talk about the significant elements that…

Have you ever wondered why some people strive to do great things, others settle for the best thing that comes along, and still others have…

Success is in the eye of the beholder. I remember having a conversation with my husband when we were dating. I was telling him a…

Noted actress Viola Davis has quickly been catapulted into the forefront of everyone’s minds this summer with her starring role in the hit yet controversial film adaptation of the fiction novel “The Help” by author Sophia Nelson. With lots of talk about an Academy Award nomination for the role and the impact the movie and […]

BET’s 106 & Park host Terrence J has made quite a name for himself over the past couple of years. He has successfully turned his name into a brand, and added the titles of actor, radio personality, and even motivational speaker to his resume. When he is not hosting 106 & Park, playing Tasha Mac’s […]

How seriously do you take the personal lives of your favorite celebrities? Do you think they're more vulnerable to undetected cries for help? Find out what happened as one of Hip Hop's most popular stars unveiled a series of unsettling Twitter messages over the weekend and let us know what you think - should we be more careful and look out for our celebrities more often?

Special thanks and gratitude to each of you who made the 2010 Women's Empowerment experience one we'll never forget! Check out the highlights of our day celebrating the beauty and the blessing of womanhood inside now.

The way different people think about time is important to consider because by seeing life from a past, present, or future perspective could affect your life in a variety of ways. While past-oriented people see life as something involved with tradition, future thinkers are always planning for upcoming events, even if they’re years away. Those […]

Choose your friends carefully so you can set yourself up for success and be equipped to move forward in the destiny God has prepared for you!

As you wrap up your day today, take a look back at your victories. Doesn't matter how small or big they are, a win is a win.

With 2009 behind us and 2010 upon us. It is time to start setting our goals for the months ahead.