Where are all of the Gospel music videos?

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Emanuel Says,

One of my favorite videos of all time is Thriller by the late Michael Jackson.  It was a great concept that was done right.  It is the gold standard in music video and I think most would agree with me on that.  There was a time when a music video was a 1 or 2 cameras taping of someone stand on a stage somewhere singing their song.  They lacked creativity and, quite frankly were boring.  I am glad that the most of music industry has past those old days.  Now it’s time for Gospel music to catch up with the rest of the industry.  It is hard to believe that there are major gospel artists who haven’t figured out that the music video is a great way to get your music in front of the audience that you hope will someday purchase your product.  This is my public service announcement to the gospel music industry:  Start making creative, professional and fun music videos and make them available for people to see!  Have you ever tried to find a Fred Hammond video?  What about John P. Kee?  They are hard to come by.  Now I am not talking about a live clip from a show somewhere, I am talking about a real music video.  Either they don’t exist or they are so hard to find that you soon give up.  There are a few gospel artists who regularly make videos but definitely not enough.  I remember a time before good music videos in popular music and I remember the guy who busted out of that.  His innovation, style and creativity paved the way for many others in the music business.  Yes, I am talking about Michael Jackson again and I also remember where the music video catapulted his career to.  Maybe the gospel music industry can take a page from his book and take a step into the new millennium.  I just might help more artists make a little more money and grow their audience while spreading the Gospel.  Think about it.