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In my opinion, this is a prominent issue in my life and a topic of discussion way too much. I don’t understand who put this idea in my peers of the African American communities mind. A lot of people don’t  like to discuss this issue and to tell you the truth neither do I! It is very important to discuss because I feel like its one of those many things that continues to hold us back as an ethnicity.

The idea of writing this came from a comment made by one of my friend’s cousins. Being a lighter skinned African American, I have heard many comments from others that quote on quote; believe that I have it better than others. This to me is a delusional statement made from the mouths of people who are too immersed in the world’s current vision of what is beautiful. Family members, friends, the media and society as a whole, have given these images to us.

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The accountability is endless but yet we continue to stop looking at ourselves for the behavior we chose to portray. The fact that I rarely see someone who is my mother’s skin color on television or in a movie; or the fact that most rap, pop or R&B artists are of a lighter skin color. Just because you see it everywhere, doesn’t give us permission to take that as a way of life. This is indeed a problem; it won’t go away till we make it go away.

It drives me crazy when I hear comments about my skin color from anyone; but the hairs on the back of my head stand up , when I hear it from my fellow African Americans. I have a saying that the world only changes when we change ourselves. There was a little something called segregation back in the day. Why bring that back into the world by spitting out these ignorant thoughts? Just to let you know, it’s not the media fault, its not the south’s fault, its all on you.

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I bet most of you are thinking, of course she has this opinion because she is a light skinned person, and has none of the problems a dark skin person has. My response is, if you find that to be your opinion, that is the main reason why I wrote this post! What are your thoughts ?