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Black Woman Smoking Marijuana

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As marijuana begins to gradually become legal across the United States, the way cannabis is being used, celebrated, marketed, and sold is evolving. For years, the cannabis industry and even the terms like “stoner” have been synonymous with men; with many of them being labeled bad boys and slackers whose character was questionable. While the industry has been dominated by men, it is garnering a more feminine presence and voice every day thanks to brands like Canna Luxe

Launched in April 2020, Canna Luxe is a luxury smoking accessories brand owned by Black women. The company offers beautiful smoking products such as pipes, water bubblers, blunt rings, and ashtrays that allow female smokers to smoke good and keep it cute. Canna Luxe Co’s mission is to destigmatize what stoners look like. The brand’s owner, Tori Owens, is a firm believer that you do not have to minimize your enjoyment of the plant nor your belief in its health benefits for the sake of your career or social judgment. it is also Tori’s belief that you should never have to hide your lifestyle. Your home, your clothing, the car you drive- all these things are a reflection of you. Oh, and might I add popping style shouldn’t stop there for stoners, every area of your life should be fabulous.

Whether it is soft and feminine or bold and sexy Canna Luxe Co. provides luxury smoking accessories that fit your aesthetic. Each item is hand-picked for its uniqueness, and thoroughly inspected, and most importantly serves as decor for your home when not in use.“ The essence of a woman was the driving force behind each piece,”  Owens stated “Even down to the black and gold cleaning utensil that looks like a mascara brush!”

Now before you ask, yes I am a smoker and yes, I do own a few luxury smoking accessories from Canna Luxe and I am very pleased. As a woman living with cancer and other health issues like anxiety, my usage of the flower is a vital part of my health regimen. Cannabis is great for pain management, It calms inflammation, and it helps control anxiety.

To see just how much the cannabis industry has changed and how femme powered it has become, Head over to IG and search the hashtag #womenofweed , you’ll see women from many walks of life; a female chef pouring cannabis oil-infused dressing onto a salad, a woman relaxing in a rose-petalled bath with a spliff in hand, or a woman surrounded by plants listening to music while inhaling that good from her water bubbler. 

Happy 4/20 to all of our beautiful stoners; may your sacks be fat, your blunts burn slow, and may your snacks be plentiful because the munchies are real sis. Oh and no puff, puff pass, “The Rona” is still out here in these streets.


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