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Attention sistas, today I came across an example of one of the reasons why some people in our society refuse to take Black women seriously in any capacity. The disclaimer to this is that in a non judgmental world, it would not matter how you behave, what clothes you wore, how you spoke. People would still accept you for the person you are beneath that. The kicker is that we do not live in a world like that and we never will. We have to roll with the punches.

The inspiration for this post came from another site. The site is called You Know You Dead Azz Wrong. You may or may not know it, but today, as I scrolled down my Facebook feed I noticed an atrocity that immediately made me stop in my tracks. The owner of the site had the above picture posted along with a caption: This is the reason why people don’t take Black women seriously. After spending a few seconds analyzing the picture and determining that each nail represented an accessory to breakfast cereal. I couldn’t argue with the comment. Obviously we are not to blame completely, but we are partly to blame for the demise of own image.

I have said this before and I am going to say it again. I think that black women are some of the baddest, most beautiful, flyest, chicks on the planet hands down. However, we can simultaneously be our own worst enemy by behaving, and dressing like fools and becoming upset when people treat us accordingly.

The picture posted above is a prime example of what I speak of. Where is this woman going to work at with those nails? An employer would take one look at her and those nails and know from that moment that she is not someone that he should respect or take seriously in any way. She limits her own growthand possibly her potential overall by even placing something like that on her body.

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Stop and think sistas. These are the little things that we as Black women, do not always consider. It is not so much as trying to conform to what society says we should be or attempting to look like the “other”. It is more so knowing that there is a time and a place for everything. Also, realizing that in this world we live in, we will be judged. Part of our judgment will include how …..To read the rest go to YeahSheSaidIt

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