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The NFL has a lot to learn from those young, brave football players at Mizzou who put their futures and careers on the line and stood up for what they believed in.

Question is what do you and the NFL believe in?

I say that because for me, it was very uncomfortable to watch the Cowboys, Eagles game on Sunday night, and it had nothing to do with football.

It had to do with what allegedly took place off the field a year and a half ago.

The commentators were even unhappy about it to:

“Can we, just before kickoff, just add that there is a human element to this, for us as well.  We’re going to call the game. We’re going to do our job. We’re just as uncomfortable as anybody is with what we saw in those pictures and what we know of this court case. Unfortunately, Greg Hardy is going to be a big part of this story. We’ll call the game. We may do a little commentary at some point, but we’ll let it go at that.”

Announcer Chris Collinsworth was speaking about Greg Hardy who a year and a half ago was arrested and charged with attacking his girlfriend, Nicole Holder.

Here’s part the 911 call:

Female voice: “Domestic violence. Do you hear that bull (expletive)? He’s beating her ass in there. Some girl’s getting her ass beat upstairs, and I heard it. And I seen it. He is beating her ass right the (expletive) now. So get here now. I was in the apartment, he’s beating her ass. We need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt, now!”

Nicole Holder told police she ran through the darkness as fast as she could to find a police officer after Hardy, in her words, “was gonna kill me.”

Last year hardy was given a bench trial.

Holder decided to drop the charges, and they were dismissed and expunged on appeal.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, on the heels of the Ray Rice elevator domestic abuse incident, suspended hardy for 10 games; more than any player before Hardy.

But the Players Association appealed the suspension and the penalty was reduced to four games.

Then, just a few days before Hardy stepped back on the field, the horrible photos of his ex, Holder were released.

They are horrible.

If you don’t believe me, go to and see for yourself.

Are four games enough for what we see on those photographs?

According to reports, the Players Association and the arbitrator saw those pictures and made the decision to keep Hardy in the league and off the field for only four days.

Hardy tweeted last week before he went back on the field, “Just had to say I express my regret 4 what happened in past and I’m Dedicated to being the best person & teammate that I can be but mostly I am Grateful 4 the opportunity to play in NFL “

Perhaps Bob Costas summed it up best during his coverage of the game:

“The photos only provide more graphic proof of what we already knew.  Greg Hardy is a bad guy who happens to be a good football player.

But Costas went on to give the real truth with some tough words for football lovers:

“So, you can shake your head at the perceived flaws of the judicial system. You can fault the Cowboys for signing Hardy in the first place and Jerry Jones for calling him one of the real leaders of his team. You can root for Hardy to fail and for the rest of the league to show little interest in him if he becomes a free agent after this season.

“But here’s what you can’t do this time: You can’t blame Roger Goodell. And you can’t deny this cold truth about big-time sports. No matter what kind of guy he is, if the guy can play, there will always be a market somewhere for his services.”

If you don’t believe Hardy should be back on the field then perhaps you only have yourself to blame.

As long as you watch and cheer in the stadium, or buy beer and wings in the sports bar, or put money into buying jerseys or playing fantasy leagues, perhaps, just perhaps, you only have yourself to blame.

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