Don Lemon

2016 was a difficult year for a lot of us, including those in the news media business. So can we really blame Don Lemon for getting sh*t-faced during his live New Year’s Eve broadcast from New Orleans on CNN? The veteran anchor’s antics included taking shots on camera, confessing his resolutions to an audience of millions, hollering at New Orleans […]

While discussing Ben Carson's appointment to HUD, Marc Lamont Hill noted that Ghostface Killah's great leadership of the Wu-Tang Clan does not necessarily crossover to other jobs.

  I’m not sure you were up that late, but I was up until the wee hours covering the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the second night in a row of the protests that turned violent. Tuesday night 16 officers were injured. Wednesday night 1 officer was injured and taken to a hospital. […]

  Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both took part in a presidential forum last night. My commentaries have focused so much on Donald Trump lately, I’ve decided to give you a break and discuss Secretary Clinton this time. The secretary took questions first. And what do you think was the first question? If you […]

President Obama gave the speech of his life last night. I think it was one of the best speeches as President. Not only did he make the case for Hillary Clinton, but he made the case for himself and his legacy. Joe Biden: Trump doesn’t have a clue about middle class. The Democratic A-list on […]

Last week it was the Republicans. This week it’s the Democrat’s turn. It got off to a rocky start with Florida Congresswoman and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC email controversy. She tried to speak on Monday morning at Florida delegation breakfast and got boo’d off the stage. “Boo.  Alright now settle down […]

The Republican National Convention got underway  in Cleveland yesterday. It started with a ruckus when Never Trump delegates tried unsuccessfully to force a floor vote to undermine Donald Trump’s nomination. That was true drama but it doesn’t compare to the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s speech. If parts of it sounds familiar to you, it should […]

It’s still trending on social media. My mom sent me several links on Facebook. It was all over the news on TV, on radio and online. People were asking me about it wherever I went. What am I talking about? “This award – this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all […]

If you haven’t read Charles Blow’s latest editorial in The New York Times, I suggest you do. It’s entitled “The Ghosts of Old Sex Scandals.” Blow, who is a CNN contributor and a frequent guest on my show, lays out in layman’s terms exactly what is going in this election cycle when it comes to […]

  Most people had all but counted out Bernie Sanders, except for himself, except for the people of Michigan. Hillary Clinton was supposed to win…

  If the pen is mightier than the sword then the tongue is mightier than a hashtag. I’m talking about Chris Rock’s mouth and the…

In a revealing interview aired on CNN Wednesday, one of the network’s most notable anchor’s, Don Lemon, surprisingly revealed that megachurch pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes of…