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Anna and Zech 12-2014 (2)


I could tell  immediately how much Zechariah and Anna  love each other.  This brother and sister are adventurous and active children who enjoy the outdoors. Both of them went to summer camp and loved it so much, they have expressed that they would like to go back again. Zechariah and Anna need a forever family who will adopt both of them because they have expressed that they want to stay together. There is no way, if you meet them- you will not fall in love with them both.  Zechariah, who goes by Zech, is a talented artist. His favorite medium is colored pencils and he is always looking for scrap pieces of paper to draw on. Zech enjoys school his favorite subject is math problem.

Anna does very well in school and has excellent grades. She loves to read books and says that her favorite subject is math because she likes to do division. Anna has expressed that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. .Anna is a girly-girl,  loves playing with Barbies , and dolls and her favorite color is pink. Anna also likes to have her nails polished, hair done .  these two sweet, amazing, children  need a forever home  theyneed you—are you the one who will keep them together and love them forever.  Remember adoption equals possibilities for more information about Zechariah and Anna- call 532-6366 and log on to the buzzcincy.com or hckids.org.


Check out  Anna and Zechariah’s video  here

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