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December is a frequent caller to 1230 am WDBZ. He’s known for his affinity for white women ( most notably Sara Palin), his sometimes non-sensical criticism of President Obama, and wearing football equipment to The Buzz listener parties.  Aside of all that, I think that December is a good guy, and I always welcome his phone call-even after he goes off on me (or at least tries to).  This clip is from a conversation we had about a year ago.  December called in talking about Bill Ayers, and how President Obama embraces a “terrorist”.  At the time, I was quietly sick of hearing people criticize the President when they didn’t have all the facts.  It’s a classic immoveable object meets unstoppable force moment.  For the record, December didn’t call me for months afterward. Lol.  I didn’t think that it was that serious. You be the judge.

Conversation Marks:

:02-December asks me a ridiculous question about Charles Manson.

:22-I dig deep into my bag of rhetorical devices (not really) and ask December an equally ridiculous question.         

1:18-December gets defensive.

1:32-Nathan asks December to “enlighten the audience.”

2:08-December yells, ‘That don’t mean nuthin!”

2:39-The “Somethin Happen” moment.

3:24-December tells me that I’m a Sucka MC. ( What?)

3:47-Nathan and December end the conversation as friends, with a promise to have a mutually respectful exchange next time. (Not!)