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Kim Kardashian did NOT “break the internet” by flashing her flabby cakes-but a Cincinnati man DID when he posted the details of an alleged betrayal on Facebook  His story of love, heartbreak and social media revenge captivated those lucky enough to experience it in real time. For those that missed it. Nathan Ivey spoke with […]

As soon as I heard the news that Fred Shutlesworth had passed away, I knew that I needed to talk to Andrew M. Manis. Andrew spent 10 years writing, arguably, the definitive biography on the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, ” A Fire That You Can’t Hold”  If you flip to the back jacket of the […]

On behalf of Lincoln Ware, Emanuel Livingston, SisterSpeak- Jeri Tolliver, Ameenah Hall, Dr. Shantel Thomas, Attorney Janaya Trotter-Bratton, DeAsa Brown , Ken Anderson, Nathan Ivey and our producers Terance Howard, Byron Thompson, Mr. LaMonte, and Daryl Henderson- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Do you think that Robin Thicke wants to be black?  I seriously doubt it.  Do you think that Macklemore wants to be black?  Probably not.   Did Elvis want to be black?  Black in the 50’s?  Hell no!  Nor does Miley Cyrus.  People need to stop saying that Miley wants to be black, why would […]

Listen to a clip of my conversation with Joe Eaton.  Joe is a volunteer with the Buckeye Firearms Association.  His group is  planning on training over 200 Ohio teachers, by the end of the summer, to conceal and carry a firearm in the school.   Recently they sent George Zimmerman a check for over $12,000, […]

It amazes me how R. Kelly fans can be so upset with him for being tardy to the party-but were silent when he was on trial. The kind of man who will play water sports with an under aged girl,  suffer through a very publicly embarrassing trial, then continue to release sexually suggestive music, is […]

Is this some type of test? Did I miss an episode of Oprah? Why, oh why, don’t women learn the language of sports? This is why watching sports with men is better. Follow Nathan’s musings on culture, politics and pleasure @NathanHasNerve

December is a frequent caller to 1230 am WDBZ. He’s known for his affinity for white women ( most notably Sara Palin), his sometimes non-sensical criticism of President Obama, and wearing football equipment to The Buzz listener parties.  Aside of all that, I think that December is a good guy, and I always welcome his […]

Ever wondered what a brotha who dates white women really thinks?  Have you ever seen those brothas that look like they only date white women?  Check out the podcast and listen to my conversation with Skip Masters, author of “How I Broke My Addiction to White Women” for a candid conversation on a taboo topic.

Cincinnati’s favorite weekend warrior is back from his hiatus politicking on the latest in culture, power and pleasure. On this podcast Nathan breaks down how Mitt Romney played himself trying to use the Libyan embassy tragedy to criticize the President, and then he boils down the U.S. foreign policy using two  letters “P” and “M”.   Also, […]