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This is why I’m walking :

One woman dies every minute from heart disease, a little known fact that is overshadowed by other high profile diseases for women. Heart disease, once considered a “man’s disease”, is a cause of great concern for women.  It is called a “silent killer” because it often has no symptoms or presents pain that is barely noticeable. The most commonly recognized symptom is persistent chest pain, pressure or other discomfort, called angina. This pain results when the heart is getting too little blood or oxygen. It can be felt under the breastbone and tends to accompany exercise or extreme emotional stress. Women, however, are more likely than men to experience a different type of chest pain which is sharp and temporary.

Why is this Important to Black Women?

Black women suffer rates of heart disease that are twice as high as those among white women. Some of the factors that contribute to this disparity include higher rates of overweight and obesity, higher rates of elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and limited awareness of our elevated risks. In addition to having high heart disease rates, Black women die from heart disease more often than all other Americans.

I’m number 4838 and I’m running/walking/wogging this Sunday, March 28 at 12n in the Mini Heart Marathon. I’ve been training with a group of women, Black Girls Run! Cincinnati , for the past month and I believe I’m going to turn in a really fast 5k.

For more information log on the  http://www.blackwomenshealth.org/issues-and-resources/heart-disease-and-black-women-the-silent-killer-that-speaks-volumes/

For more information on the Heart Mini Marathon: http://cincinnati.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=482186