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It’s totally possible that the only reason why this video appears entertaining to me is because my daughter, “Little Budda”, has developed a serious affinity for Michael Jackson songs. I think it’s the melodies. “I’m Bad”, “Thriller”, and “Beat it” have replaced my usual potpourri of Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul as the go-to sound track each evening. Jay Elect, please forgive me. 

Right after homework, the Michael Jackson set continues until she goes to bed. It’s such a sweet site. It’s only natural that I have a soft spot for the sound track to such a fond memory, right?

Why I feel the need to qualify my fondness for Michael Jackson’s music is well understood to my listeners.  

Watching Ellen a couple of days ago, I caught a performance of  2CELLOSThe group consists of  virtuosos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser.  They have become a You Tube sensation and have recently released an album of iconic American Pop songs remixed with two cellos, hence the name. 

My question is simple:  How dope is this? How flattering is this? What does it say about the reach of Michael Jackson’s music? In a word, LARGE. These cats have definitely been influenced by American Pop culture, including Hip-Hop. Peep the name. It sounds hip-hop. Don’t disrespect their flavor. 2CELLOS,  EPMD, KRS-One, K-Solo, DAS EFX, it fits. Hell if you say the name 2CELLOS, real fast, it sounds like Tupac’s counsin. LOL. But seriously,  this looks like Hip-Hop to me, down to the Air Jordans. (check the Ellen video)

Some may not see it, but  I see two dope MC’s.  I see two turntables and a microphone, or pop-locking with your finger tips on the strings. It’ feels like a duel, similar to a cipher. It’s like the Cello is a turntable and the bow is the DJ’s finger tip. They’re creating together, while trying to out stunt one another.  Just as one seems to gain an edge with a furious volley of plucks, the other plucks back! These cats are like the Talib Kweli and Mos Def of  the cello world.  LOL. This is too dope to be Pop. Yea, this is flattering. Not just to Michael Jackson, but to Hip-Hop culture.

Here’s a clip of 2CELLOS on Ellen:

Of course the original will always be a classic:

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