Read if you don’t want to put THIS years' health goals on NEXT years' resolution list…again.

Researchers in Granada University Spain found that drinking a beer after a long strenuous outing at the gym can be good for you, better than water or gatorade to rehydrate your body.  Prof Manuel Garzon, of Granada University claims the bubbles in beer can help quench the thirst your body is looking for and the carbohydrate liquid within the bottle […]

Christmas is almost here and in this season of giving I am sure you have already tagged a strip mall or two securing gifts for…

  Via:   A seemingly physically fit man goes for the usual 5 mile run. Before he has a chance to finish, he drops dead. This is the story of several men who have taken their last breaths during their normal exercise routine. You would think that the more one exercises, the more likely that person is to live […]

Building good exercising habits can be a bit of a lifestyle change, but with these exercises it is plain to see that anybody can do them.

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