The queer people who cried out to you in anger, in pain, ought to make you stop and reevaluate your understanding of God.

Several years ago, I saw Iyanla Vanzant come to speak to an audience in Brooklyn and she mesmerized the mostly African-American female crowd. She spoke…

Dr. Rachael Ross is a recurring co-host on the Emmy® Award-winning talk show, The Doctors, and a practicing board-certified family medicine physician and sexologist whose…

COURTESY OF THEBEATOFPHILLY.COM It seems like celebrity scandals involving trannys are at an all-time high, so it’s only right that Star & Buc Wild give you their top 5 take on how to tell if your favorite celebrity is into chicks with a little something extra. Take a listen and tune in to Star & […]

HLN’s Joy Behar sits down for an intimate conversation with Chaz Bono, the daughter of famed duo Sonny & Cher to discuss the growing pains of his evolution from a woman to a transgendered man. Chaz Bono reveals an emotional response to what happened on his journey plus how Sonny & Cher reacted differently when […]

Noted actress and author Shirley MacLaine was recent a guest on The Gayle King Show and boy, was there an interesting conversation going on that day in the studio. Check out the featured dialogue below between Gayle King and Shirley MacLaine, who’s known worldwide for not only her acting chops and her candid sense of […]

Do you recall these familiar faces? From left to right? Of course you do. It’s the beloved TV/entertainment family comprised of superstars Sonny & Cher and their daughter years ago on the hit variety show that further propelled their careers beyond imaginable heights. As expected, the remaining members of this larger than life family have […]

WASHINGTON D.C.- Lillian McEwen an ex-lover of Clarence Thomas has written a book about Thomas in which she describes his sexual preferences and tastes, including his love for threesomes. RELATED: Top 10 Religious Moments of the Decade Gawker reports: McEwen explains why she wrote a book about her decades-old tryst with the “easily aroused…national treasure,” […]

There has been much speculation and commentary on the recent media attention given to a family who’s five-year-old male child has been permitted and encouraged to actively dress as if he’s a girl. Pink dresses, princess costumes worn as daily outfits, bedazzled garments fit for a little girl and more have caught the attention and […]

All of Ohio has jumped at the opportunity to make an impact on our society as we continue our movement in an effort to stop the bullying everywhere. Help us maintain bully-free zones in your neighborhood.

Find out how two teens struggled to find tolerance and acceptance in their respective communities.