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There has been much speculation and commentary on the recent media attention given to a family who’s five-year-old male child has been permitted and encouraged to actively dress as if he’s a girl.

Pink dresses, princess costumes worn as daily outfits, bedazzled garments fit for a little girl and more have caught the attention and the ridicule we all know is bound to come from various cultures, citizens and parents.

This week, our very own Lincoln Ware was scheduled to speak with the child’s mother, Cheryl Kilodavis of Seattle, who decided to allow her son to wear dresses and even wrote a book about it called “Princess Boy.” Cheryl and her son were on the  “The Today Show” Monday morning to talk about the book and the whole world has once again drawn conclusions concerning the story and its many connotations. Watch the video clips provided below for yourself to get the full scoop.

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Cheryl Kilodavis’ mission is “to accept and celebrate the unique person within us all,” but is that really what she’s doing? Mothers, where do you stand? Fathers, how do you feel?

Check out the book and the official website Chery Kilodavis created to support her stance on her son Dyson’s desire to dress as a girl by clicking on the link or image below.


So today we pose the question would you allow your son (or daughter) to dress like the opposite sex – why or why not? What happens when you can’t protect your child from the opinions of the general public? Does this type of behavior and desire to dress feminine/masculine bring into play sexuality, homophobia, gender confusion, stereotypes and stigmas for your child? What issues of acceptance and understanding of self-expression arise when dealing with children in this case?

Also, should this even be covered or reported on by the media? What are your thoughts on the exploitation of children by their own parents and families? Do you know someone who dresses, behaves or carries themselves as if they are a member of the opposite sex?

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