What if your man has held back his opinions, waiting for the moment in which you're too infatuated to care, or naive enough to think a shocking revelation won't impact your new relationship?

Now that its over and you had fun while it lasted, you think to yourself what's next. A break up isn't easy, especially if you felt that person was "Mr. Right."

When a woman first start dating a man, there are a few things she should pay close attention to. Unfortunately, women sometimes ignore these details.

Dear Gay Best Friend, I usually don’t do this but I really need some advice. Long story short my sister put her son out and when he wanted to come back home she put so many conditions on his return he felt like he could not go back home. For example, he had to break up […]

First dates are supposed to be fun. The light hopes of a possible relationship. This is the time when you and the other person are becoming more familiar with one another on a personal level. Personal meaning exploring the different elements of both of your personalities. This is how you determine whether or not you […]

 The LeBron James hullabaloo has finally died down, and now he’s comfortably sleeping with his mistress. Her name is Miami.  Indeed, the melodrama that played out between James and the cities of Cleveland and Miami was not dissimilar than the classic daytime soap opera love triangles where boy meets Boo.  Boy meets pretty new Boo.  […]

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Submitted By: Tanya M. Wilson 360You Life is comprised of many lessons, all designed to confirm us, or grow us. I learned early in life, despite some repeat lessons, those lessons played a significant role in who I am today. For a number of years, I believed that everybody had my best interest at heart. […]

Women are always complaining about how their man refuses to open up to them and show his emotions. There are hundreds of articles given advice to women about how to make your man feel comfortable with sharing with you and so on. There is little help for the brotha who has found the woman of […]

Singer Eric Benet recently sat down with legendary rapper and producer DJ D-Nice where he spoke about his childhood, music and sex.  Growing up Eric and his siblings had discriminating tastes in music from R&B, Funk, Gospel, Jazz Fusion and Rock. Growing up in a musical environment, he thought everyone’s family was like his: come […]

There are several miscommunications and misunderstandings that occur between men and women daily. Some are avoidable and some are never ending. Check out the 5 most common misconceptions men have about women. 1. As much as he may try to empathize, he knows nothing about how you feel when you are on your period. For […]

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