The song comes from his Bible of Love gospel album released in March 2018.

Imagine a Bible translated in the language of today's young adults...

The "Gin and Juice" spitter has a spiritual message for the masses.

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Arkansas Police arrest man for disorderly conduct. Some are saying that he could have avoided the arrest if he had just followed orders from officers. Other people think this further demonstrates how some officers seem to be waging a war on Black people. What do you think?

Lincoln Ware does a grueling 4 hour show but, even when the show is over, there is always One Last Thing left to say. Today he talks about the Republican Party.

The two officers seen on a video of an apparent assault are facing criminal charges. Anthony Spence, 44, the officer seen in the video slapping and kicking the teen and Severna Bias, 53, the officer who stood by and watched are charged with multiple violations. Spence is charged with second-degree child abuse, which is a felony, […]

Lincoln Ware does a grueling 4 hour show but even when the show is over there is always one last thing left to say…

Hours before the release of his EP entitled “Gold,” Christian rapper Echelon Knoxx was our “Artist’s Spotlight” on the Stellar Award winning Cheryl Jackson Show. Knoxx spoke on his upcoming release which you can purchase at, not shying away from his “Christian” Hip-Hop status and more! Related Stories: Lecrae On Black History Month: Using The Past […]

Celebrate the life of Whitney Houston by listening to a mix of some of her greatest hits!