milton dohoney

There’s a lot going on in the city of Cincinnati and the world but here are 5 things we’re talking about: 1. Two prominent, well-respected black men resigned from high profile positions this  week.  UC Dean, Ron Jackson, and City Manager, Milton Dohoney. 2. Saks is leaving downtown for Kenwood. 3. Kasich is staying the […]

Yesterday it was reported tthat  Cincinnati City Manager was given an ultimatum- quit or be fired and last night during a press conference on Fountain Square,  Mayor-Elect John Cranley confirmed that he had accepted Dohoney’s resignation.  This news comes as no surprise since Milton Dohoney has crafted everything that John Cranley is against. Hold on […]

The legal fight over the lease of Cincinnati’s parking operations is apparently costing the city about seven million dollars. City manager Milton Dohoney released a memo, yesterday, outlining a change in revenues. The city will receive 85 million dollars upfront by the port authority, because the opponents lawsuit increases the city’s interest rate and reduces […]

At least one Cincinnati city councilman wants a public hearing on the recently uncovered criticism of the city’s parking lease. Charle Winburn is calling for the finance committee to investigate the circumstances of the opinion that privatizing the parking was a bad deal. City Manager Milton Dohoney claims the memo was kept under wraps, because […]

Cincinnati’s parking system lease will soon take affect. City manager, Milton Dohoney, signed the 92 million dollar deal with the Port of Cincinnati Tuesday. The deal privatizes the city’s parking meters, garages, and surface lots. Recent Stories: City to Move Forward with Parking Operations Lease As The Streetcar Project Begins, Questions Still Rise Suspect Arrested […]

Cincinnati’s City Manager is warning city council, and opponents of privatized parking, of the drastic cuts coming if the parking deal is not approved. Milton Dohoney wrote a memo to city council, outlining a list of all the budget cuts to take place should they choose not to accept the privatized parking deal. Some of […]

Cincinnati’s parking rates aren’t expected to go up immediately under a plan to lease the city’s parking facilities. City Manager Milton Dohoney says the Port Authority will pay 82 million dollars upfront, then three million dollars a year for the life of the lease. Parking rates would be set by the authority. For more details […]

Cincinnati City Council is expected to give city manager, Milton Dohoney, his first raise in five years. Members will vote today on a 9% pay hike, and a $35,000 performance bonus for him. It was also agreed in Wednesday’s preliminary vote, that Dohoney will receive a severance package with 12 months’ salary and a year’s […]

Expect more oversight on how many union hours are logged in. That’s what Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney explained in a hearing yesterday. It was reported that CODE President, Diana Frey, logged in more union business hours than allowed. The city allowed her to do this up to last year, during a period where the […]

This morning, City Manager Milton Dohoney announced that James E. Craig will succeed Tom Streicher as the police chief of Cincinnati. Craig was recently the police chief of Portland Maine, and worked as policeman in L.A. for 28 years. To hear more about the new police chief, you can listen to Dohoney describing Craig’s background, […]

Next year, if you’re in city limits and you want your trash to be picked up, you will have to pay $20.50 a month to the city of Cincinnati. This is just one of the several measures city manager Milton Dohoney has proposed to city council to make up for a 60 million dollar budget […]