Police reopened a criminal investigation into hazing at Alpha Phi Alpha at Virginia Tech. This comes after the university failed to follow its own protocol of sharing the results of its investigation with local authorities.

Police are investigating the suspicious death of a Buffalo State College Basketball Playe. His family believes he was made to drink something toxic while pledging for Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Philip Banks III, the top uniformed official in the New York City Police Department, has resigned as chief of department on the eve of a promotion. In a…

Police have charged 14 people with hazing for an incident at Wilmington College last fall. The men are within the ages of 20-36, and are accused of making bath towels into weapons. They used these weapons to injure several students. One of the students were required to have surgery. The college officially banned the Gammi […]

This isn’t a good morning for the students, faculty, and alumni of Florida A&M University. Yesterday, prosecutors announced that they will be filing charges against thirteen FAMU students involved with the death of Robert Champion, and the hazing of two other students. According to autopsy reports, there was no single blow, stomp, or strike that […]

The recent death of Florida A&M band-member, Robert Champion, has once again put the spotlight on the issue of hazing on college campuses. College students seeking membership into fraternities, sororities — or in Champion’s case, competitive bands — many times endure physical and mental hazing rituals that are extremely dangerous to their health. The physical […]

Administrators on college campuses across the nation are charged with the task of facing the reality of hazing. Cornell University is unfortunately all too familiar with the detrimental affects of fraternity and sorority hazing after the February death of a 19-year old sophomore found non-responsive in a fraternity house. In his Op-ed piece for the […]

BAKERSFIELD, CA-Four Members of Kappa Alpha Psi, a historically African American fraternity, are charged with felonious assault for allegedly beating pledges ans shooting them with a BB gun. The report was initiated through Mercy Hospital when a 25-year-old man was admitted to the hospital as a result of his injuries. The investigation revealed that between […]

Do Black Fraternities And Sororities Rely On Violence When Hazing? While their White counterparts rely on alcohol during hazing?